Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Fourth time's a charm?

John Derbyshire has a nice summary of our failure to prevent nuclear programs in China, North Korea and Pakistan. A nice counter to those on the anti-war left who, I have come to believe, would prefer that Saddam Hussein have the atomic bomb just so we, the United States, can't do anything about it.

Monday, October 21, 2002

New Yorkers Fighting Against the 2012 Olympics

I really don't want the 2012 Olympics here in San Francisco; with only a week to go, it is probably too late to get organized and stop this madness.
12 Galaxies Guiltied to a Zegnatronic Rocket Society

By far, the best collection yet of photos of and links about Frank Chiu

Beer, Beer and More Beer

An excellent article from American Heritage magazine on the history of beer in America. A couple of years old, but cool nevertheless.
Simon Stops Digging, Davis Jumps in the Hole

Bob Novak notes a California Teacher's Association nightly tracking poll that has Simon briefly ahead, 34% to 32.7%. A three-day tracking poll has Simon only 2.7 points behind. The election is two weeks out and the Governor can't muster the support of one third of the state. If this poll is to be trusted, it shows that even while Simon killed himself with his false accusation against Gray Davis, even this can't help get the Governor's poll numbers up.